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Gorilla tracking in Uganda ?>

Gorilla tracking in Uganda

                                                        A small nation in the heart of Africa, Uganda is often called the pearl of Africa. Home to the revered Rwenzori mountains and equatorial snow, a plethora of national parks spread across the country, high-altitude volcanic lakes and sub-Alpine forests – this small country has so much to offer. My time in Uganda started around Lake Bunyoni, a beautiful lake in western Uganda, nestled between rolling hills  dotted with picturesque villages. Owing to the close proximity of Bunyoni to Bwindi…

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21 Global Portraits that will make you want to travel ?>

21 Global Portraits that will make you want to travel

  A series of  travel portraits from around the globe. I hope this inspires you to travel to some of these places.   “Locals Musicians performing at the Plaza Grande in Quito, Ecuador, on a fine Sunday morning”    “Traveler’s Zen at a remote Himalayan village called Oslo during a week long hike in Uttarakhand, India”      “A Buddhist monk after his morning prayers at the Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh, India”       “A farmer carrying produce back…

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