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The lost city experience ?>

The lost city experience

46 Kilometres in 4 days – that seems very doable exclaimed a few hikers in our group as Abraham slowly translated after Melkis had explained the hike briefly. Tall and lanky, Melkis had a very calm demeanor. Abraham, an ex-army man, was our young and suave sous-guide and translator for those without the gift of Spanish jab. We had made a rocky 2 and half hour journey from the city of Santa Marta, located at the north-western tip of Colombia, to the base-village,…

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The colourful lotus lantern festival ?>

The colourful lotus lantern festival

I am always on the lookout for interesting festivals during my travels, and luckily my trip to Seoul coincided with the lotus lantern festival. Commemorating the birth of Buddha, it is one of Seoul’s landmark festivals, and perhaps the most colourful one too. Thousands of people take to the streets to participate in the festival.  The main attraction of the event is a 2 hour parade starting from Dongdemun gate and culminating at Jogyesa temple. A shy young girl posing…

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Easter Celebrations in Guatemala ?>

Easter Celebrations in Guatemala

World’s largest Easter celebrations in a quaint colonial city – isn’t that hard to resist? The Spanish missionary bought the Easter celebrations to Guatemala in the 16th century, and Antigua continues to carry forward the Andalusian tradition of celebrating the resurrection of Christ in style. Easter in Guatemala attracts a lot of visitors annually to Antigua as well as other parts of this beautiful country. ” The quaint cobbled streets of Antigua, Guatemala” I timed my visit to Guatemala during…

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Sounds from New Orleans ?>

Sounds from New Orleans

The more Jazz grew on me during the last few years, the more I desired to visit New Orleans. Eventually, my love for jazz bought me to New Orleans for a week during Thanksgiving, 2015. Traditional jazz is said to have found its roots in New Orleans. However, today, New Orleans is a haven for various styles of music, ranging from blues to dixieland; from bluegrass to reggae; from funk to soul. My musical encounters took place on the streets of French quarter…

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A pleasant Balinese village of White Herons ?>

A pleasant Balinese village of White Herons

About 20 kms odd from the wellness hub of Ubud in Bali lies the small village of Petulu. Ubud makes a great base for exploring the beautiful countryside set in the central foothills of Bali – the ever smiling people, the relaxed lifestyle, the spirituality which lingers in most parts of Bali. I hired a scooter from Ubud to escape from the scores of people who arrive in Ubud and never seem to leave. That is when I chanced upon…

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Border crossing from Peru to Bolivia: Indian Passport holders ?>

Border crossing from Peru to Bolivia: Indian Passport holders

If you are reading this, you may very well know that having an Indian passport doesn’t lend you with much of a privilege while crossing international borders. The number of visa forms that I must have filed is a testimony to that. While I was in Peru, I decided on whim to enter Bolivia for a few days. Visa on arrival wasn’t an option, so I started searching for Bolivian consulates along my route. I had couple of options: the…

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