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The lost city experience ?>

The lost city experience

46 Kilometres in 4 days – that seems very doable exclaimed a few hikers in our group as Abraham slowly translated after Melkis had explained the hike briefly. Tall and lanky, Melkis had a very calm demeanor. Abraham, an ex-army man, was our young and suave sous-guide and translator for those without the gift of Spanish jab. We had made a rocky 2 and half hour journey from the city of Santa Marta, located at the north-western tip of Colombia, to the base-village,…

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Exploring Chiapas: the beautiful highlands in southern Mexico ?>

Exploring Chiapas: the beautiful highlands in southern Mexico

Chiapas in the south-eastern part of Mexico is a beautiful place to be at: great culture, people, weather, nature and history. All of that together makes it a very compelling destination. You can fly to Tuxtla Gutierrez to access most of what Chiapas has to offer, or if you are in the nearby provinces of Oaxaca/Tabasco/Yucatan, you may want just want to travel by road. “Love is ubiquitous in San Cristobal”   “San Cristobal offers great street photography opportunities –…

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Halong Bay: The Descending Dragon ?>

Halong Bay: The Descending Dragon

                                                   Often termed by the Vietnamese as the World’s Eighth wonder, Ha Long Bay is indeed a geological wonder. The USP of the Bay are the calm waters and hundreds of  limestone islands dotting the sea. Some of these islands are inhabited and are huge in size, others although small in size make up by the pristine white sandy beaches. “ The Vietnamese are proud of the mythology associated with the Ha Long Bay”   The Gods had descended…

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The pristine backwaters of the Sharavathi, Karnataka ?>

The pristine backwaters of the Sharavathi, Karnataka

                               It was the month of December and the Adventure Holiday mood was pretty much in the air. So, I along with my friend Amit, set off for a trip to the backwaters of the Sharavathi river in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, India. A dam at Linganamakki in the Shimoga district on the Sharavathi river has resulted in these beautiful backwaters dotted with many islands. The islands are rich with bio-diversity and it can be a lot of fun just…

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Backpacking in the Land of the Sleeping Dragon ?>

Backpacking in the Land of the Sleeping Dragon

                                     “It all began while watching a Top-Gear special edition shot in Vietnam”                                The episode featured a journey on a two-wheeler through the country – from the insanely busy Saigon to the quaint city of Hanoi. The destination was too captivating and I instantaneously knew that I have to visit this place. Without much planning and with the sheer desire to experience the new culture and smell the new land, I set off to Hanoi, in the northern part of…

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Dzongri-La: Hiking in Sikkim ?>

Dzongri-La: Hiking in Sikkim

                                  When you yearn to get lost amidst the dense rhododendrons and gaze at the shimmering ice on the mountain peaks, there are only a very few places in India which can match Sikkim. Its close proximity to the international border means that a lot of the territory is out of reach of the civilians and that reduces the trekking options to a couple of routes. Hence, it wasn’t at all difficult to zero-in on the Dzongri-La Trek. Incidentally, in…

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