Work with Praveen ?>

Work with Praveen

Praveen's fine-art at display at a cafe in Seattle, USA

Please get in touch with me in case you are interested in licensing any of the fine-art images, buying a print, or publishing any of the travel articles on the site. All of the photographs displayed here are available as gallery-finish Fine Art prints on various medium – paper, canvas, metal,  personally signed by me.

If you would like to hire my services, partner with me for business or interesting projects, I would love to hear from you. You could drop me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Praveen's fine-art at display at Alliance Francaise, Hyderabad, India


Phone: + 1 425 753 2777

5 thoughts on “Work with Praveen

  1. Hi!
    A very informative writeup on Kaas. I am planning to visit this month end . Can you please provide the details of Homestay where you stayed.Since I am with the family (2 noisy kids) prefer Homestay near Kaas to reduce the travel time from Satara

    1. Hi Selvaa, thanks for dropping by! I have the number of the care-taker of the place.

      Mohan kaka: 9922930847. You could try giving him a call. Hope you have a wonderful time!
      By the way- Please note that access to Kaas is now restricted and only a certain number of people are allowed per day. Please check on that.

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