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Hiking in Torres del Paine ?>

Hiking in Torres del Paine

  When I traveled to Chile, hiking in Torres del Paine was something which I was really looking forward to. After spending a couple of days in Santiago, off I flew to Punta Arenas, way down south. Punta Arenas itself was a rather non-descript port town, but spent a good couple  of days in Tierra del Fuego. I made my way to Puerto Natales, a short bus ride from Punta Arenas. It should be no surprise to you to know…

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Exploring the Atacama desert–Salar de Tara ?>

Exploring the Atacama desert–Salar de Tara

  Home to the driest landscapes on earth, to the famed project ALMA, some of the highest salt plains, Atacama is alluring. After having hiked in the wet and green southern Patagonia, Atacama’s contrast was hard to pass by. Hence, I left for Santiago from Valparaiso. I had booked a last minute return flight from Santiago to Calama. I arrived at the airport only to learn that my flight was never booked with the airlines(SKY) – since the booking agency…

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Walking the streets of Santiago ?>

Walking the streets of Santiago

My travel to the far flung stretch of  bizarrely shaped land of Chile started with its capital city.  My vicarious introduction to the country was through a work of fiction – Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia. Santiago is far up north from the Patagonian region.  With a lot of people being underwhelmed by Santiago de Chile, or simply ignoring the city, especially after having travelled to other more vibrant South American  cities like Buenos Aires, Cuzco, La Paz and the likes,…

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