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Exploring Goa: Sailing the High Seas. ?>

Exploring Goa: Sailing the High Seas.

       Although Goa is the smallest state of India, the size of this land is no measure for the number of tourists this land attracts every year. It experiences a tropical climate, which means that its hot and humid most of the year and pleasant during the winter months of November-February. Naturally, most of the local and international tourism is concentrated during these months.  Christmas holidays suited me perfectly.     “In order to explore the landscape without feeling…

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Halong Bay: The Descending Dragon ?>

Halong Bay: The Descending Dragon

                                                   Often termed by the Vietnamese as the World’s Eighth wonder, Ha Long Bay is indeed a geological wonder. The USP of the Bay are the calm waters and hundreds of  limestone islands dotting the sea. Some of these islands are inhabited and are huge in size, others although small in size make up by the pristine white sandy beaches. “ The Vietnamese are proud of the mythology associated with the Ha Long Bay”   The Gods had descended…

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