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Dal Lake, Srinagar: Life on Water ?>

Dal Lake, Srinagar: Life on Water

                                   Although I had been to Srinagar, Kashmir, a couple of times in the past, I didn’t happen to stay on the Dal Lake on any of the occasions. In fact, it was merely a transit both the times. It was a transit this time too. But I gave myself a couple of days to stay in Srinagar; as going to Srinagar and not experiencing the life on the water is like going to Egypt and not seeing the…

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Himalayan Retreat –Raju’s Guest House ?>

Himalayan Retreat –Raju’s Guest House

                                                Set in  the beautiful Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, Gushaini is a quaint little Himalayan village in the Kullu district. Its close proximity to the Great Himalayan National Park attracts quite a few nature lovers every year. What Gushaini offers is some wonderful Guest Houses and camps for that dream Himalayan retreat. If you are planning to just unwind, be with the nature, walk by the river, then Gushaini is just the right choice ! Where to…

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