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Photographing Banff and Jasper: Best of Canadian Rockies ?>

Photographing Banff and Jasper: Best of Canadian Rockies

Banff and Jasper National parks  are probably the most beautiful parts of the Canadian Rockies. They epitomize the ruggedness, the wilderness, and the pristine beauty that the Rockies are known for. They are so far two of the more inspiring national parks that I have been to, and certainly the best drive that I have done so far. Connected by the famous Icefields parkway, both the parks have amazing diversity: both in terms of landscape, as well as flaura and…

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Offbeat: Bali: Lake Tamblingan ?>

Offbeat: Bali: Lake Tamblingan

Lake Tamblingan, nestled in the central highlands of Bali is your off-the-beaten-path destination if you are looking to get away from the crowds in Ubud. It makes for a great getaway from Ubud since it is easily accessible on a two-wheeler, which are ubiquitous in Bali. What was a hot day in Ubud soon turned into a cool breezy ride through some gorgeous highland scenery. Cosy eating joints, coffee plantations, rice fields add a lot of character to the ride…

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The timelessness of Hampi ?>

The timelessness of Hampi

Traveling to Hampi is more than just a visit to an interesting new place: the timelessness of the place opens a door to a completely different world, a bygone era which still seems to be breathing life. It is hard to miss its pulse. As you approach Hampi by road, the landscape grows on you with every passing minute: boulders balancing on each other at impossible angles, the fresh countryside, the palm trees, and in the middle of these: a historic relic…

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21 Global Portraits that will make you want to travel ?>

21 Global Portraits that will make you want to travel

  A series of  travel portraits from around the globe. I hope this inspires you to travel to some of these places.   “Locals Musicians performing at the Plaza Grande in Quito, Ecuador, on a fine Sunday morning”    “Traveler’s Zen at a remote Himalayan village called Oslo during a week long hike in Uttarakhand, India”      “A Buddhist monk after his morning prayers at the Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh, India”       “A farmer carrying produce back…

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A little place on the Pacific ?>

A little place on the Pacific

Pacific, for me, with its deep blue and  deep waters, had always invoked conflicting sentiments of tranquility  and that of vast desolation. Living in  Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of US opened up a lot of opportunities to experience the  Pacific. Positioned between the US and Canada, San Juan archipelago  makes for an interesting weekend getaway. Huge vehicle cum passenger ferries regularly serve the San Juan islands – Orcas, Friday Harbor, Lopez island etc. When we arrived at the port…

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Hiking in the magical Cappadocia ?>

Hiking in the magical Cappadocia

                                                                         Cappadocia in  Central Turkey is best explored on foot, leisurely, soaking the uniqueness of the landscape. Some may contest that, and award hot-air balloons the superlative. Well, if you have the luxury of gliding your own balloon over this magical landscape, go do it! For the rest, walking is an equally compelling option. There are numerous walks and hikes in Cappadocia, of varying length and difficulty levels. Based on how many days you have in the region, you…

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Kaas: The plateau of flowers ?>

Kaas: The plateau of flowers

                               Every year, during the months of August-October, Kaas pathar in the state of Maharashtra comes alive with a riot of colours.    “It is literally a bed of flowers”   Just an hour’s drive from the town of Satara, lies this magical table land. It’s not just the quantity of flowers that will take you aback, but also the varied species that can be found here: several of them endemic in nature.   Catching some Breeze ! Pune is the…

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Photography: A Fine Art? ?>

Photography: A Fine Art?

                              There has always been a debate whether Photography is an authentic form of Art? If yes, what exactly is it that makes a photograph a piece of Art? I believe it’s the subjectivity and the aesthetics that are to be found in a photograph; the manner in which a photographer choses to frame a picture: the perspective, the choice of focus, the way a photographer feels about his subject. All these attributes can influence a viewer’s thought to be…

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