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Photographing Banff and Jasper: Best of Canadian Rockies ?>

Photographing Banff and Jasper: Best of Canadian Rockies

Banff and Jasper National parks  are probably the most beautiful parts of the Canadian Rockies. They epitomize the ruggedness, the wilderness, and the pristine beauty that the Rockies are known for. They are so far two of the more inspiring national parks that I have been to, and certainly the best drive that I have done so far. Connected by the famous Icefields parkway, both the parks have amazing diversity: both in terms of landscape, as well as flaura and…

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Island of eternal sunshine ?>

Island of eternal sunshine

  Lago Titicaca, often called the sea of Bolivia, is a huge influence in the lives of the people living in the altiplano. “Sacred, revered, immense, deep blue, home to indigenous communities, Titicaca does not fail to impress – not even a bit”   I crossed over from Puno, a lake-side town on the Peruvian part of the lake, into Copacabana, a multi-faceted town  on the Bolivian side. Accessible from a short ride on one of the many motor-boats that…

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Hiking in Torres del Paine ?>

Hiking in Torres del Paine

  When I traveled to Chile, hiking in Torres del Paine was something which I was really looking forward to. After spending a couple of days in Santiago, off I flew to Punta Arenas, way down south. Punta Arenas itself was a rather non-descript port town, but spent a good couple  of days in Tierra del Fuego. I made my way to Puerto Natales, a short bus ride from Punta Arenas. It should be no surprise to you to know…

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Wildflowers’ galore: Eunice lake, Rainier National Park ?>

Wildflowers’ galore: Eunice lake, Rainier National Park

With summer, starts the hiking season in the Pacific Northwest. The temperature is perfect, the sun shines bright on most occasions and the wild flowers are in full bloom. Having visited the more popular southwest entrance of the the Mount Rainier National Park aka the Paradise area,  I was keen on choosing a hike in a different part. Eunice lake and Tolmie Peak fire lookout hike seemed a great option for a day hike. Accessible via the north-west entrance of…

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The Meadow ?>

The Meadow

 It so occurred that during a sluggish evening I was browsing pictures from Chitral and Swat regions of Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan; what I saw was shimmering lakes, jaw-dropping meadows and an alpine landscape that made me jump out of my chair. My awe and wonder was to skyrocket as I saw more pictures from the region.  “It was during this bout of wanderlust that I came across a couple of trails in the Gurez district, passing through a series of lakes…

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A short walk along the Lycian coast ?>

A short walk along the Lycian coast

It was a typical Mediterranean winter day: wet and cold, and showing no signs of providing any respite. After waiting in vain for a few hours for the rain to halt, I decided to take a walk along Fethiye’s marina. The deserted walkways and near empty pubs and restaurants in the sleepy town of Fethiye did not help me much.

Hiking in the magical Cappadocia ?>

Hiking in the magical Cappadocia

                                                                         Cappadocia in  Central Turkey is best explored on foot, leisurely, soaking the uniqueness of the landscape. Some may contest that, and award hot-air balloons the superlative. Well, if you have the luxury of gliding your own balloon over this magical landscape, go do it! For the rest, walking is an equally compelling option. There are numerous walks and hikes in Cappadocia, of varying length and difficulty levels. Based on how many days you have in the region, you…

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Dzongri-La: Hiking in Sikkim ?>

Dzongri-La: Hiking in Sikkim

                                  When you yearn to get lost amidst the dense rhododendrons and gaze at the shimmering ice on the mountain peaks, there are only a very few places in India which can match Sikkim. Its close proximity to the international border means that a lot of the territory is out of reach of the civilians and that reduces the trekking options to a couple of routes. Hence, it wasn’t at all difficult to zero-in on the Dzongri-La Trek. Incidentally, in…

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