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A short walk along the Lycian coast ?>

A short walk along the Lycian coast

It was a typical Mediterranean winter day: wet and cold, and showing no signs of providing any respite. After waiting in vain for a few hours for the rain to halt, I decided to take a walk along Fethiye’s marina. The deserted walkways and near empty pubs and restaurants in the sleepy town of Fethiye did not help me much.

Hiking in the magical Cappadocia ?>

Hiking in the magical Cappadocia

                                                                         Cappadocia in  Central Turkey is best explored on foot, leisurely, soaking the uniqueness of the landscape. Some may contest that, and award hot-air balloons the superlative. Well, if you have the luxury of gliding your own balloon over this magical landscape, go do it! For the rest, walking is an equally compelling option. There are numerous walks and hikes in Cappadocia, of varying length and difficulty levels. Based on how many days you have in the region, you…

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