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The timelessness of Hampi ?>

The timelessness of Hampi

Traveling to Hampi is more than just a visit to an interesting new place: the timelessness of the place opens a door to a completely different world, a bygone era which still seems to be breathing life. It is hard to miss its pulse. As you approach Hampi by road, the landscape grows on you with every passing minute: boulders balancing on each other at impossible angles, the fresh countryside, the palm trees, and in the middle of these: a historic relic…

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A day in the abandoned town of Kudremukha ?>

A day in the abandoned town of Kudremukha

                        Places having exotic, strange, queer sounding names have always fascinated me. Kudremukha, nestled amidst the Western Ghats, had made the list quite a while back. Horse-faced when translated to English. The fact that this used to be a centre for iron ore mining added to the intrigue. Owing to the threats to the environment and the wildlife, Supreme Court had ordered all mining activities to be discontinued. Legal dispute is apparently still in limbo. The monsoons were gradually turning…

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The pristine backwaters of the Sharavathi, Karnataka ?>

The pristine backwaters of the Sharavathi, Karnataka

                               It was the month of December and the Adventure Holiday mood was pretty much in the air. So, I along with my friend Amit, set off for a trip to the backwaters of the Sharavathi river in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, India. A dam at Linganamakki in the Shimoga district on the Sharavathi river has resulted in these beautiful backwaters dotted with many islands. The islands are rich with bio-diversity and it can be a lot of fun just…

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