Autumn magic in Colorado

Autumn magic in Colorado


Autumn colors have always caught my fancy, be in literature, songs, movies, paintings or other mediums. As a photographer, the idea of capturing the fleeting nature of the autumn colors had always been a romantic one; at the same time a challenging one to time it right. My love of mountains, the Rockies specifically, and the fall foliage took me to Colorado this year.

The week long journey, starting in Denver, took me to heart of the Rockies in Rocky Mountain National Park. Idyllic fall-viewing places like Aspen and Telluride lived up to their fame. The San Juan Skyway traversing the south-western part of Colorado through erstwhile mining towns up to Durango was overwhelming for the senses. Perhaps the most important aspect of your fall pilgrimage is to have a flexible and open agenda. No matter how much planning you might have done, fall colors are hard to predict.  I had no fixed place to be at, helping me chase the colors as I desired. Here is a visual diary of the stunning fall colors that I managed to capture.

Les feuilles mortes



“Rockies sitting pretty with a dash of fall colors adorning its slopes”


“Heading out of Rocky Mountain National Park toward Breckenridge”


“Maroon bells at dusk with the yellows and oranges reflecting in the lake”


“Another look at Maroon bells and the stunning fall foliage embellishing the reflections”


” Fall foliage at its peak on the San Juan skyway”

colorado_fall_1” An entire palette of colors along the winding San Juan Skyway enroute Durango”

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Praveen is currently based out of Seattle, United States. He loves coffee, conversations, micro-brews, and intimate jazz music scenes. When its not raining in Seattle, he can be seen enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific North-West.

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