Photographing Banff and Jasper: Best of Canadian Rockies

Photographing Banff and Jasper: Best of Canadian Rockies

Banff and Jasper National parks  are probably the most beautiful parts of the Canadian Rockies. They epitomize the ruggedness, the wilderness, and the pristine beauty that the Rockies are known for. They are so far two of the more inspiring national parks that I have been to, and certainly the best drive that I have done so far. Connected by the famous Icefields parkway, both the parks have amazing diversity: both in terms of landscape, as well as flaura and fauna. I will leave you with some places that I really enjoyed as a photographer: some planned, some happened by chance: for e..g, being able to photograph a wild-fire in Jasper.

Lake Peyto's amazing blue, Banff National Park

“ Lake Peyto is like no other. The glacial flour deposit imparts unique colors to the lake. What is more interesting is that the color of the lake changes with the time in the day. Arrive late in the day to be left in solitude, since this is only a 15 minute hike from the parking lot and gets a lot of visitors”

Lake Patricia, Jasper National ParkLake Patricia reflects the beautiful surroundings, Jasper National Park, Canada

Lake Patricia in Jasper National Park offers great opportunity for capturing some interesting reflections – Visit during the after-dusk blue hour, and carry an insect repellent!”

A wild fire in Jasper National Park goes out of control

A huge wild fire in Jasper National Park creates dramatic lighting










“A couple watching a wild-fire, Jasper National Park. My driving directions were simple once I saw some smoke – hard to plan for this one! “




A black bear crossing the Athabasca river in search of dandelions, Banff National Park, Canada

“A black bear crossing the Athabasca river. If you arrive early in the summer, you would probably see a lot of black and grizzly bears close to the roads. Go slow and keep  an eye out!”

Waterfowl lake melted early in the hot summer of 2015, Banff National Park, Canada

“ Waterfowl lake, not too far away from the Banff town, offers spectacular photo opportunities and great hikes”

A self-portrait - Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park, Canada

“A self-portrait shot in Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park. At times, a little bit of narcissism can help alleviate your boredom!”

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