A little place on the Pacific

A little place on the Pacific

Pacific, for me, with its deep blue and  deep waters, hadOn the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor always invoked conflicting sentiments of tranquility  and that of vast desolation. Living in  Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of US opened up a lot of opportunities to experience the  Pacific. Positioned between the US and Canada, San Juan archipelago  makes for an interesting weekend getaway. Huge vehicle cum passenger ferries regularly serve the San Juan islands – Orcas, Friday Harbor, Lopez island etc. When we arrived at the port town of Anacortes to board a ferry, we were not set on going to any particular island.  We hopped on to the one going to Friday Harbor, since that was departing soonest. It had been an overcast morning so far – the gust and chill in the winds kept most of the passengers inside; a few who were enjoying the freshness outside made for great subjects for me.


After an hour and half long journey, we were at the lovely port of Friday Harbor. Beautiful flowers lined both sideMaking the most of a tiny little lighthouses of the streets. The clouds had cleared up too, giving way to some beautiful summer sun and much needed warmth. Always fascinated by lighthouses, when I located one on the map, it was an easy choice to head in that direction. 

“The lighthouse turned out to be a lackluster affair, prompting a search for interesting perspectives to make the most of the conditions” 

The island is spread across 55 square miles, making navigation quite easy.  Circumnavigating the island and  exploring quaint country roads  incited a lot of oohs and ahs. Rain bearing clouds emerged again, threatening a thunderstorm. Through the clouds peeked the sun again, illuminating  a lighthouse, albeit a tiny one again. This one wasn’t any grander in stature. However, the infinite stretch of Pacific that it stood against, was the saving grace. Seagulls gliding against a backdrop of ominous looking clouds Lighthouse, Pacific, seagulls, rain clouds: Liberatingbrought about a feeling of being free.




“That’s how I had imagined the Pacific”






Wild flowers blooming on Friday Harbor





“The setting soon soon painted the whole landscape golden”





To wrap the day, we visited the south-beach to soak in the dusky hues . It would make for a lovely place to camp, only if it were allowed. However, it still is a great place to have a barbeque, light up a fire to stay warm and listen to the crashing waves. The sound and the smell of the Pacific lingered with me as we boarded the last ferry back to Anacortes.

Traces of logging at South beach




“The heavy logging that the islands witnessed in the early nineteenth century still has its traces”

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Praveen is currently based out of Seattle, United States. He loves coffee, conversations, micro-brews, and intimate jazz music scenes. When its not raining in Seattle, he can be seen enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific North-West.

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