Photography: A Fine Art? ?>

Photography: A Fine Art?

                              There has always been a debate whether Photography is an authentic form of Art? If yes, what exactly is it that makes a photograph a piece of Art?

I believe it’s the subjectivity and the aesthetics that are to be found in a photograph; the manner in which a photographer choses to frame a picture: the perspective, the choice of focus, the way a photographer feels about his subject. All these attributes can influence a viewer’s thought to be led in a certain direction at the first impression. These nuances separate a piece of Art from a photograph which is merely a  mechanical reproduction of a scene.

A lot of photographers in the past have tried to use Impressionism and Pictorialism in Photography to produce pieces of “fine art”. Printing on various ‘unorthodox’ mediums was another attempt at laying a claim to Fine Art. Nude photography another. Currently, the gamut of tools in the digital medium are playing a similar role. Like any other form of Art, Fine Art photography has also evolved. Its not about documenting a moment or an event, nor about producing a work which someone’s paying for. Fine Art photography is more about fulfilling a creative vision, about conveying an idea, about evoking a contemplation. Its contrast to more practical forms of photography like photojournalism is obvious. An artist might still require the tools to make it ‘finer’. However, the tools by themselves can never make a photograph turn into a piece of Fine Art.

While you mull over it, here is some of my Fine Art work.   Let me know what do you think of them !!

Praveen Maloo - Fine Art Photography




“ Go Green. Will it remain in the papers or would you do your bit ? ”






Praveen Maloo - Fine Art Photography











Praveen Maloo - Fine Art Photography


“ Mindfulness Meditation: well that’s what exactly reading provides with me while I travel. I, for one, love to read especially when on the move…. Perhaps that’s when time slows down for me! And good ambience like this is always welcome! ”





Praveen Maloo - Fine Art Photography




“ Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset sky.”


About Praveen Maloo

Praveen is currently based out of Seattle, United States. He loves coffee, conversations, micro-brews, and intimate jazz music scenes. When its not raining in Seattle, he can be seen enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the Pacific North-West.

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4 thoughts on “Photography: A Fine Art?

  1. Well, your photos are the best advertisement for your argument – they really ARE Art!! But to me, the argument is an elitist one – just because it’s a reproduction of what the photographer sees (irrespective of how it’s doctored afterwards!) doesn’t mean it’s not art. A painting is also a reproduction of what the painter sees – it just takes longer and requires different skills! Like other art, there’s good and poor photography, traditional and avant garde etc etc (just look at the differences between yours and mine!).

    Such a wonderfully thought provoking post with great pix! Thanx for visiting my blog or I’d never have found it!!

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks a lot for your kind words ! I guess it’s the difference in ‘skills’ that you mentioned above that does it for me 🙂 . With paintings, you still need to choose the right colors, an appropriate medium which does justice to the subject 🙂 . I know, perhaps it’s a very abstract fine line out there!

    Have started blogging quite recently. Hopefully, I’ll have lot more to share in the near future; would love to have your comments !!

    P.S: I wouldn’t mind visiting down-under and just clicking ‘cliches’ 🙂 . Have a great weekend.

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