Himalayan Retreat –Raju’s Guest House

Himalayan Retreat –Raju’s Guest House


                              Set in  the beautiful Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh, India, Gushaini is a quaint little Himalayan village in the Kullu district. Its close proximity to the Great Himalayan National Park attracts quite a few nature lovers every year. What Gushaini offers is some wonderful Guest Houses and camps for that dream Himalayan retreat. If you are planning to just unwind, be with the nature, walk by the river, then Gushaini is just the right choice !

Where to Stay ?

If there is one place that you should not miss if you are headed to Gushaini, that has to be Raju’s Guest House – wonderful setting, Tirthan river with an abundance of trouts flowing next to it, and a wonderful garden. You could easily spend 2-3 days here just unwinding, reading, strolling and soaking in the ambience. Here’s a look at the Guest House:

Raju's Guest House at Gushaini

And here’s a photo log from the Guest House:



There are about 6 rooms in the Guest House, and they get booked well in advance. So, plan your visit well ahead.

How to Reach?

From New-Delhi, you could board any bus which is headed to Manali and get down at Aut, which is about 100 kms before Manali. From Aut, you could take a bus to Banjar, and then hop on to a bus heading toward Gushaini. Alternatively, you could do a jeep ride from Aut to Gushaini.

If road journey is not your thing, then you could fly from New-Delhi to the Bhuntar Airport in Kullu. From the airport, you could hire a jeep to Gushaini.

I need some action!

If you feel that a holiday is incomplete without some action, you could try your hand at fishing. The fishing licenses are available at Gushaini. You could also choose to do a day-hike to the Great Himalayan National Park’s entrance and come back. From Raju’s Guest House to the Park’ entrance is about 9kms and is a beautiful walk through the countryside.

If you have some more time at your hand, you could hire a jeep and do a day trip to the beautiful Jalori Pass and Serolsar Lake and get back to Gushaini in the evening. The route from Gushaini to Jalori Pass passes through some wonderful scenery. On the other side of the Pass lies the village of Rampur, and farther ahead lies Shimla.

I chose to go on a 8 day Trek with  a guide from Gushaini- crossing the Tirthan Valley and exiting in the Sainj valley. More on that in an upcoming post !

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